Brian Grubb RTSEG Photo

Adventure-seeking American Brian Grubb is the pioneer of wakeskating, the discipline that sees athletes translate skateboarding moves to the water. And Wakeboarder magazine’s 2007 Wakeskater of the Year wants to see his sport become bigger than wakeboarding. “It’s a lot more accessible, a lot more like skateboarding, and it grows so much every year it’s insane,” he says.

Brian has dominated the sport of wakeskating since he ditched his wakeboard bindings to focus on the new discipline. With a Vans Triple Crown Championship, a National Championship, World Championship, and wins on the Byerly Toe Jam Tour and Pro Wakeskate Tour to show for himself, Brian has become the most decorated rider in wakeskating.

As much as he excels in competition, freeriding is Brian’s first love. He also films Red Bull projects like Human Trailers, Urban Assault, Winch Masters, Capital Chaos, and Project Blackout.

Brian’s efforts to attract more people to wakeskating means more competition for him – but that’s just the way he likes it. Increased performance and innovation by his peers forces him to step up his own game in order to progress.