Chelsea Hill

The Short Version of a Long Life:

Chelsea Hill’s CV reads like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” novel. Having worked in event planning, sales, content marketing, creative writing, social media, marketing strategy, and ghost writing, she’s honed her skills, discovered her particular insights, and now has the opportunity to use all of her skills at once.

She’s been Phi Theta Kappa as an undergraduate, the top producing Program Director in the Chicagoland area by Jenny Craig, Intern of the year at the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, Marketing Manager for capital ventures, a consultant on many strategic campaigns, and co-author of four books.

Chelsea majored in English at The University of Texas at Austin before returning home to Florida with her husband and her toddler son. She fights the good fight, one word at a time.

Here’s The Dirt:

Dr. Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist. He can figure out the past and future. With Math.

Benjamin Franklin. He flew kites, drank beer, and incited revolution. Pretty exciting guy.

Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart. They count as one person, right? They’re tremendously talented. Have overcome real craziness in their personal lives. And they seem like a ton of fun.

Cuddled under a hand-crocheted blanket with my grandmother. The windows open to let in the warm Florida evening breeze. The blue flicker of the screen reflecting off her glasses while we watched Jeopardy. When I got the answer before a contestant, she was filled with genuine pride and happiness.

Dr. Don Graham, J. Frank Dobie Regents Professor of American Literature at the University of Texas. He’s a class act, a cowboy, a brilliant writer, and probably one of the smartest people alive. He walked the line between academia and relevance, and will always be a shining demonstration of two of my favorite things: Books and beer.
A total tie:

Pixies on my twenty-first birthday at Lollapalooza and Dave Matthews Band on my most recent birthday. Both included lawn seats and ten-minute jam sessions in the middle of some of my favorite songs.